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Worldwide problems

Our current society has to deal with a lot of ecological and social problems. Burn-out, fear of failure and depression are emerging at every age and every level of society. We have so much information available, but we are still causing worldwide problems. What are we lacking?

Personal development

We can notice a lack of personal development at every level of society (in our personal life, in business and in education). This causes communication problems, emotional reactions, relationship failures and eventually the creation of a life which we do not long for. The 21st century needs a whole new approach.

Heart Brain Academy

Heart Brain Academy develops new paradigms for living, education and business which stimulate the development of the full human potential. We provide trainings, events and learning materials which fully equip children and adults for the 21st century.

Problems cannot be solved by the same mindset that created them. - Albert Einstein

Business Academy

Our business academy provides an online platform to teach you how to set up and manage a business and train your mindset how to become a successful entrepeneur. It offers youngsters and adults all the required tools to realize their dreams independently of their previous education. So our business academy will also provide support for young people who drop out of school which currently is a serious problem in our society.

Our current business events are weekly hangouts on Thursday
(Dutch version 7 p.m. – English version 8 p.m. – timezone Amsterdam).
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School academy

Our school academy develops learning materials and trainings to support schools, teachers and parents with the integration of personal development (by means of relaxation and arts) in the daily school practice. Further, our school academy explores the possibilities of raising funds for schools who would like to implement arts and relaxation more profoundly.

Welcome to join us at one of our events.
The next offline event is:
Breath Wise Festival on the 21st of May in Antwerp, Belgium.
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The heart of our academy

With a team of 15 people we are always searching for the heartbeat of change in society and together we are creating a platform for profound transformation. Currently our public speakers are:

Wim Belt

Wim Belt is a passionate entrepreneur, a trainer, a quantum physicist and a musician/conductor.
After establishing different businesses in internet marketing and high level training/coaching of entrepreneurs, he decided to make a difference in the world by investing in new green and sustainable technology, advanced healthcare, innovation in education and poverty reduction.He is the founder of Human Environmental Projects Company and the founder of the Heart Brain Academy.

Briony Vanden Bussche

Briony Vanden Bussche is managing director and founder of the Butterflywise school in Antwerp, Belgium. Moreover, she is a social entrepreneur, a trainer and an innovator in education and a singer-song writer. Besides her studies in applied economics, she acquired a profound training in personal development. Throughout her creative and artistic projects she has developed an entire new vision on education and applies this gradually in the Butterflywise school. She is all about building bridges between future possibilities in education and current societal structures. She co-founded the Heart Brain Academy with Wim Belt; she is an active member of the Alliance for Childhood.

Christopher Clouder

Christopher Clouder is an internationally renowned author, teacher, campaigner, speaker and expert on Social and Emotional Education, Creativity and Innovation in Education, Steiner Education, as well as many other educational and cultural subjects. He has lectured widely, written and compiled books and many articles, and lectured at  many international conferences. In 1997, he co-founded the Alliance for Childhood  a global network which campaigns for the right of children to be allowed to experience their childhood in a healthy and fulfilling way. Christopher was also the founder and CEO from 1990 to 2012 of the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education which represents some 710 schools in 27 countries.

Christopher Clouder is the founding director of the Botin Platform for Innovation in Education (Spain) which published four reports that survey and evaluate social and emotional education in 21 countries. Christopher is currently School Mentor at Scuola Waldorf Firenze and the Liceo dei Colli a new innovative secondary school just outside Florence in Italy. http://christopherclouder.com

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes the fundamental principles of human rights and freedoms, and that includes education: “... education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship .... (Article 26.2).

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